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About the author of Selling the Gorilla and Other Techniques for Fantastic Garage Sales

Selling the Gorilla and other Techniques for Fantastic Garage Sales makes it easy for everyone to turn mediocre garage and yard sales into fantastic money making enterprises.
Just one of the many successful garage sales inspired by the insights Allan Barkin reveals in Selling the Gorilla!
Allan Barkin, founder and developer of Toronto's most successful and best known self-storage facilities, received the coveted Consumers' Choice Award for Business Excellence two years in a row. He applied his expertise and knowledge in business to the country-wide garage sale tradition, making it easy for anyone to turn mediocre sales into fantastic money-making enterprises. Besides partaking in a number of successful garage sales himself, he interviewed many of his storage tenants that have had first hand experience with these types of sales. He has compiled one of the most concise, authoritative works ever written on this topic. Some of the concepts developed are completely new to garage sales.

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