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Professional Web designers and Web site owners applaud Crocodile business cards as the Internet's best full color business card value.

Our philosophy for success is simple and straight to the point: Maximize savings. Pass these savings directly to the consumer. Give the customer the very best value that money can buy.

How do we do it? Give the customer the best business card printing value money can buy.

Firstly, we print hundreds up of four color business card orders at once. When we print such huge numbers of photo realistic quality business cards, set up and press run costs are significantly reduced overall for each card we print. These operations represent the most expensive steps in the four color printing process.

Secondly, with huge numbers of orders being processed at one time, premium card stock is shipped by pallet loads directly from our suppliers. Our huge volume of card orders allows us to negotiate for high quality stock at significantly reduced costs. If you are familiar with different grades of card stocks, you'll appreciate knowing that our hard shell front side card stock prevents absorption and saturation of 4 color inks. Finest details remain crisp and sharp. Optional backside text and/or graphics increases card value. Backside untreated stock can be easily penned or penciled. Our standard thick 12pt card stock is 25% to 50% thicker than 8pt to 10pt stock traditionally supplied by other printers.

Thirdly, Crocodile specially formulated high gloss UV coatings enhance and give remarkably increased color depth to four color process printed cards. Additionally, free extra durable Crocodile UV coatings protect cards from soiling and extends card life.

......and even if your not acquainted with printing jargon, after we ship your first order, you'll see each high quality full color printed Crocodile business card on professional card stock, that will keep its shape and won't deteriorate over time like cheaper, flimsy, uncoated papers.

Full color process Crocodile business cards are the most economical form of business advertising.

Don't get caught short.
Besides, if you will run out of full color Crocodile business cards, and you only ordered 500 or 1,000 cards, you'll regret not getting a larger order. Time and time again, persons that order smaller numbers of color business cards, thinking that they are saving money, miscalculate their needs and wish that they had ordered more. With your order of 2,000 pieces or more, you won't have to be stingy giving out your four color process Crocodile business cards. After all, distributing one's business card is perhaps the most economical form of business advertising ...and at our best "extravalue" low price of $112.44US for 2,000 identical full color business cards, entire departments can now afford to have full color business cards printed for each of their staff (Crocodile full color business cards can be purchased in quantities as low as 500 cards).

If you're not sure that this is the best full color business card value, then check with your local office supply discount store to see whether or not they can match our pricing for four color process business cards. Incredibly, many suppliers charge three or even four times our best "extravalue" pricing, plus the extras.

Who Doesn't Want To Save Money?
We want to give our customers the very best full color card value for their money and we want our clients to come back again and again for repeat business. To phrase the full color business card "extravalue" pricing another way, when you buy from us, you are paying only $56.22 per thousand cards (when you order 2,000 cards). That works out to less than 6 cents per card.

Don't even wait one more day to save money on full color high quality Crocodile business cards.

ATTENTION! Ad agencies, high end graphic designers, product packaging specialists, marketing managers, PRESS HERE

4" x 6" full color process postcards are also available at the low, low price of $257.20 for 1,000 postcards (based on "best value" Crocodile pricing for 2,000 postcards). That works out to less than 26 cents a postcard. For high volume customers, extravalue quantity pricing is available for 8,000 pieces or more. (Crocodile full color postcards can be economically purchased in quantities as low as 500).
Let us quote on your other printing needs as well.
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