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Order UV coated full color business cards, postcards, crocodile colour businesscards

Business cards with high gloss UV coating......
What are high gloss UV coated businesscards all about?

Business cards with brilliant high gloss UV coating is the secret that color graphic experts and professional designers want to keep to themselves......and now you can get the same great results for free with Crocodile extravalue all inclusive pricing.

Our premium UV coatings enhance and give greater colour depth to your businesscards. Colors like blacks will shine like expensive, rich-looking granite and reds will appear to be even more flush with fact so flush, that you will think your colours will be jumping right off the page. Your business cards will look and feel expensive, but only you will know how little you paid for your color cards.

Additionally, UV coated business cards are abrasion and chemical resistant and protect inked surfaces against wear and tear caused by handling, display and use. For the environmentally conscious, UV coated cards are recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable.

True UV coating, unlike cheap varnishes, that other printers try and pass as equal to our premuim UV coated business cards, is an additional process applied on large specialty presses. After your cards will be printed and the inks have set, liquid UV coating is evenly applied over our large flats of cards. Then afterwards, large sheets of color business cards are cured with UV lights and heat.

Should you buy a UV coated product? Only if you want your masterpiece cards to stand out from the crowd and only from the extravalue folks at Crocodile Full Color Business Cards.
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