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Super Dave Osborne world's greatest comedian, daredevil stuntman blockbuster videos.
See amazon funnyman Super Dave in hilarious gags, stunts, jokes and survive

Super Dave Osborne Stuntman and Sports blockbuster videos

Super Dave Osborne, the world's favorite amazon comedy stuntman is available on two brand new, never before offered blockbuster videos. Yes, Super Dave is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to This amazon comedian stuntman will keep you laughing, performing stunts of daring and sports!keep you laughing for hours on end. It's two brand new, never before offered videos from the world's favorite stuntman, Super Dave Osborne. Watch the Super One face challenge after challenge. Watch Super Dave triumph, or not.

Act now! Get both cassettes. The Ultimate Stuntman shows Super Dave performing stunts like you've never seen before. 2 parts action, 1 part laughs. You'll watch this compilation over and over again.

Not enough of the Super One for you? There's Super Dave Sports. A breathtaking collection of Super Dave's greatest moments.

Super Dave Sports and Ultimate Stuntman. Both over one hour of the stunniest stunts that you've ever seen, each with a special intro from comedian stuntman Super Dave himself. Just one warning... Take it from's Allan Barkin. Don't try these stunts at home!
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