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All About Super Dave

Super Dave Osborne, entertainer, stuntman, funny man, blockbuster comedy videos
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Super Dave Osborne, "the greatest daredevil superstar entertainer in the world today", first began appearing on a semi-regular basis (once every 3 or 4 shows) on the "Bizarre Show" starring John Byner in 1980, performing death-defying life-threatening acts of daredevilry, the likes of which had never been seen before and have absolutely never been equaled by anyone living or dead. By the middle of that first season it became apparent to the two networks (CTV in Canada and Showtime Cable in the US) that they had a very popular performer on their hands. By the end of that first season, the Super One was receiving an average of fifteen hundred letters a week. Calls started coming in from some of the most successful shows on the air requesting his appearance.

Super Dave's 22 guest appearances with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show before he retired and has since done over 80 appearances with both David Letterman and Jay Leno. He has also appeared on a number of Emmy Awards telecasts and Ace Awards specials both as a presenter and as a winner.

He was contracted for two years to be a key spokesman for the Nike sports shoe company. His national Nike commercials not only helped sell Nike shoes but also won a number of international awards. The Nike accomplishments were followed by a fabulously successful campaign he did for Hagar slacks he wore while performing that stunt were "still not wrinkled".

In 1986 he began starring in his own television series entitled "The Super Dave Show" which started in Canada on Global TV and is currently being carried by YTV to excellent ratings and at the same time is being sold and seen throughout the world (97 episodes were produced). He has become one of the most sought-after performers in virtually every area of entertainment. Last year he played in over twenty different P.G.A golf tournaments and was invited to appear as a half-time guest at the Super Bowl.

Super's newest television series began airing on YTV in August of 1997 and he is also getting ready for his first feature film to be released this year. He has become a legend in his own mind, one that millions of his fans the world over lovingly refer to as "Super Dave Osborne, the greatest daredevil superstar entertainer in the world today".
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