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Super Dave talents beyond sports legends like: Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, John Elway and Cal Ripken.
Laugh with the amazon stuntman hero and his sports video compilation of rare moments in sports history.

Super Dave Sports - the hall of fame video in the highest ranks of sports leagues.

Every sport has its heroes. Super stars who take their game to another level such as living legends like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, John Elway, Cal Ripken and the one and only, Super Dave Osborne.

Now you can see the wonderful world of Super Dave in a compilation of some of his greatest moments in sports history. Rarely seen scenes that showcase Super Dave's amazing athletic prowess and incredible talents, featuring a personal introduction by the man himself.

Whatever the sport, whatever the game, Super Dave plays to win! Sometimes he loses, but who cares! Not Super Dave! He plays for the love of the game and the cheers of his fans!

SUPER DAVE SPORTS, video highlights of the world's greatest death defying daredevil superstar in action!
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