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Rare combination of Schwarzenegger and Titantic's Leonardo DiCaprio rolled into one
Super Dave Osborne, the Greatest Daredevil Superstar Entertainer in the World

Collector's item: Super Dave Osborne Ultimate Stuntman video

He's the one and only Super Dave Osborne. A combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Evil Kneivel, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, and Titantic's Leonardo DiCaprio rolled into one.

He's brave. He's fearless. And although his crack crew does everything possible to prepare him to face the most challenging and life threatening stunts ever devised, sometimes he has an accident.

The more spectacular and life threatening the stunt, the more excited his millions of fans are to see how the Super One chooses to face his challenge and if the end result will be a success or a wipeout.

In THE ULTIMATE STUNTMAN, you'll see Super Dave performing incredible feats of daring never attempted, and rarely seen before. You'll also get an idea of what possibly makes Super tick through an exclusive introduction he recorded specifically for this video. "THE ULTIMATE STUNTMAN". It's a thrill and a laugh-a-minute with Super Dave Osborne, the greatest daredevil stuntman superstar entertainer in the world today.
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